Carelash Platinum is manufactured in our state of the art facility, right here in North America.After years of scientific research for the most patent cell regeneration and growth enhancement formula on the market TODAY we are thrilled to introduce Carelash Platinum Eyelash Growth Serum.

Carelash Platinum will help you grow healthy, thick, long eyelashes you have always dreamed of fast!

Increase thickness and fullness of your lashes, enhance your eye colour with fabulous long curled eyelashes! Natural beauty is IN! Never wear eyelash extensions again! Forger painful microdermabrasion, grow thick full sexy eyebrows with Carelash Platinum! Save hundreds of dollars and promote your healthy eyelashes as well as grow full eyebrows!

Clinical studies have showed proven results after using Carelash Platinum Eyelash Growth serum for three full months.

Clinical Research results*:

  • 100% reported Carelash Platinum was easy to use
  • 96% reported more prominent lashes and more vivid eye color
  • 97% reported healthier lashes
  • 95% reported thicker lashes
  • 91% reported longer looking lashes
    * Participants consisted of 20 females and 8 males - with 10-20% variance in results based on age, sex, health factors